Windows 7 64-Bit Installation

Jan 31, 2014#1

So I'm writing this topic to help those who are having trouble

installing Mechcommand Gold on Windows 7 64-BIT. All the information

that I have posted below was either found directly on this forum, Links

found on this forum, or given to me by users who use this forum. I wish

to take no credit on this information just looking to aid those who may

be having some trouble.

Installing Mech Commander Gold (MCG)

Step 1
Download and install Virtual Clone Drive, This is a virtual drive which

will allow you to play file types such as .ISO

Step 2
You will need to download the MCG ISO file so you will have access to

the necessary files for this installation.

Step 3
Its time to mount the ISO to the Virtual Clone Drive, If you have it

installed properly it should just recognize and double click the iso

file should attempt to open.

This is when things start getting tricky for Us 64 bit users, You want

to select "Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer". This will

bring up a screen that shows everything contained within the ISO.

Step 4
Now for most of you if you using a 64-Bit machine are going to have on

your C: Drive a folder labeled "Program Files (x86)". If this is your

first 64-Bit Program you will need to create this folder directly off

your C: Drive.

Open "Program Files (x86)" Right click on any bit of open space and

create a folder called "Microprose". Next I want you do the same thing

but inside the Microprose folder, and create a Folder called "MCX".

Step 5
Next Copy all the files from the ISO into the MCX folder you created.

Step 6
At this point you can try to run the MCX.EXE and try to play the game,

if you have any problems running or viewing the game you can try

Right Click the MCX.EXE > Properties > Compatibility < Check

disable desktop composition, This is also where you can select to run

the game in compatibility mode, you can try windows XP sp3.


Now that you have your game running it needs to be tweaked for play.
You need to install the map pack ... G+Map+Pack should install to the proper folder if not dump everything

into the MCX folder.


To view the game with a better resolution you need to look for PREFS.CFG, Open within a text file and add the line "1 Resolution=3"


Download GameRanger Once your signed up and its installed make sure It is configured for Mech Commander

Gold. To do this you go to EDIT > Options > Select Mech Commander Gold >

and browse to the MCX.EXE. If this is not done you may not be able to see MCG games.


Last but not least if you are behind a router or a firewall make sure to open port

16000 UDP.

Mar 23, 2014#2

To people with Win 8: the above guide works for most Win 7 and Win 8 problems.
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Sep 09, 2014#3

I've followed steps 1-6 but the game won't run. It still says this is a 16-bit application. I've tried adjusting the compatibility settings as directed, but that's made no difference at all.

Sep 09, 2014#4

Hi. I think either you need to reboot, or you didnt follow step 4 closely.

Sep 10, 2014#5

I thought I managed to get it running for a moment. Everything loaded up and the initial intro scene played just fine, but as soon as I get to the main menu, there's a sudden graphics error. All the colours get messed up, and I can't seem to change them around. Compatability settings should be correct, I've made the recommended resolution change as well. I'm also trying to install the 64 bit map pack, but it's got stuck at around 2% installation. It's been that way for the last 10 minutes. It says it's copying file C:\Program Files (x86)\Microprose\MCX\ART.FST but there's been no change. That file path is also flickering rapidly. Everything else I'm sure I've done correctly. I can't see what's going wrong, but something is.

Sep 10, 2014#6

Never mind. The graphic error only exists in the menus. In the game everything runs fine.

Sep 11, 2014#7

When you get graphics errors, click on the screen and press ALT and Z at the same time.

Alternatively, lowering your screen resolution or rebooting might get rid of the problem.

Oct 25, 2014#8

Posted this in the lounge but thought I might as well put it here too. Any idea how to fix the registry key issue on x64 bit systems? Need it to run the MCXTRACT tool. :(

May 21, 2017#9

extractor and mission editor dont work on windows 7 unfortunately.

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