Which order to play the 6 user created campaigns?


Apr 15, 2015#1

Hey guys.

So I just found this forum. Downloaded MechCommander Gold last week after 15 years and I've had an absolute blast playing through both campaigns recently. A lot of nostalgia.

Went looking for a way to extend the game and found that there is six user created campaigns available and wanted some advice on which order to play them in.

A brief look at the first level of each gives the impression some are easier (or rather, smaller scale) than others and some have stories that fit into the original two campaigns.

Can anyone tell me a little about each of the campaigns? I'm looking to play the ones that have a connected story (X-Ray and Turncoat I think) first and leave the unconnected ones with large scale battles (Exodus by the looks of things) until last.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.