Wildcat has a special moment

Jun 11, 2018#1

CB KingBee: that facebook webcammer was a scammer

CB KingBee: had a recording of me jerkin it and threatened to send it to my ppl on my friend list
CB KingBee: maybe i should stop adding randoms

CB KingBee: yaaa her section of the webcam became a recorded version of me with my cock out and suddenly she started spamming me some copy and paste bullshit to the chat saying she underage and she gonna spam this to my friends like wtf

CB KingBee: i reported and blocked her ass immediately.

CB KingBee: i think not but whatever.. if ya really wanna see my cock its somewhere out there on the net now lol

CB KingBee: i guess im offically a pornstar haha
CB KingBee: i wasnt that hard was just started to get excited when it closed and that happened
CB KingBee: and i was like wtf
CB KingBee: weirdest shit i ever experienced

ERRATIC_CHEESE: what about that time i made u go to mall to meet a fake chick?
ERRATIC_CHEESE: and that time you got a virus telling you to call the police and so you called police
ERRATIC_CHEESE: and that time you went to Italy to meet a chick you met online, and she dissed you and ignored you when you arrived
ERRATIC_CHEESE: this was weirder?

CB KingBee: ya lol
CB KingBee: i mean i got my cock out
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