Hotshot doesnt shower

Mar 28, 2018#1

HotShotDriver: water is expensive..even in fukin finland where we have 60000 lakes
HotShotDriver: so i bath only once in a month

Ninjah J Andy: LOL

ERRATIC_CHEESE: u serious?

HotShotDriver: yes its true. plus heating the water needs electricity
HotShotDriver: once per month is sufficent

ERRATIC_CHEESE: u bathe once a month? wtf

HotShotDriver: something like that yah, no more than once per 3 weeks
HotShotDriver: Niggers stinks like shit, they fukcin showwer 3 times per day and still stink
HotShotDriver: I dont stink at all

Ninjah J Andy: lol

HotShotDriver: my skin bacteria have adapted

ERRATIC_CHEESE: skin bacteria adapted to your stink?

HotShotDriver: i dont stink
HotShotDriver: at least nobody claims this

ERRATIC_CHEESE: u cant afford electricity?

HotShotDriver: some level I this comp
HotShotDriver: but I dont wanna waste it

Ninjah J Andy: lol wife has to sit in dark
Ninjah J Andy: til morning
Ninjah J Andy: poor woman

ERRATIC_CHEESE: u a disgusting, nasty, smelly racist

HotShotDriver: shut up, im not smelling

ERRATIC_CHEESE: u bathe 12 times a year, of course u smell
ERRATIC_CHEESE: fucking pig
ERRATIC_CHEESE: no wonder u fill house with sugar, to disguise scent

Ninjah J Andy: a pig bathes more than u hot

ERRATIC_CHEESE: u so disgusting

HotShotDriver: shut up
HotShotDriver: I brush teeths 7 times per day
HotShotDriver: and I sleep like 2-3 times per day

ERRATIC_CHEESE: and u racist how many times a day?

HotShotDriver: well,, everything I 24 hours per day..its all shit an related to ragheads or niggers
HotShotDriver: whole world is about to get desttroyed

ERRATIC_CHEESE: yeah, destroyed by your stink ass body

HotShotDriver: liberrals, multiculturalists, niggers and ragheads are about to destroy the planet

ERRATIC_CHEESE: you such a retard
ERRATIC_CHEESE: smell, dirty retard

HotShotDriver: fukc you, you smell, Im not

ERRATIC_CHEESE: so childish
ERRATIC_CHEESE: u a big baby who dont wash himself
ERRATIC_CHEESE: your body brown with dirt but u get angry at brown people
ERRATIC_CHEESE: fucking dumbass

HotShotDriver: you should fukcin find out of things, before accusing people
HotShotDriver: fukcin bathing once per 3 weeks is enough, if its winter, no sweating etc
HotShotDriver: and the bacteria, in skin adapts so..that there aint no smell
HotShotDriver: you fukc dint know this

ERRATIC_CHEESE: your natural bacteria keeps you smelling nice?

HotShotDriver: well,, i dont smell of noting
HotShotDriver: not nice or bad
HotShotDriver: im sure people would mention about it, like wife or mother or someone

ERRATIC_CHEESE: people ever mention your racism to you?

HotShotDriver: no

ERRATIC_CHEESE: this proves u smell

HotShotDriver: Look, I dont care shit what others think or say

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Apr 15, 2018#2

hahahahah ,you so creazy cheese!!! XD