How to use Mechcommander Mission Editor with Windows 7, 8, or 10

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Jun 19, 2017#1

I recently was able to set up a Windows XP virtual machine on a Windows 10 computer so that I could use the Mechcommander mission editor. Here are instructions on how to do it yourself.

Warning: Depending on how much experience you have with computers this may be a royal pain to set up. It sure was for me.

You will also need to find a Windows XP CD or a download somewhere. I have yet to find a download that works so I just used an old CD. Do not run the CD yet as it could overwrite your current OS.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if your computer explodes as a result of this.

Step 1: Download Virtualbox. This is the program we will be using to run a virtual Windows XP machine. It can be found here:

On this page, click windows hosts and the download will begin.

Step 2: Install Virtualbox according to your computer's settings. If you are not sure what to do at any step, the default setting will likely work.

Step 3: Run Virtualbox and select "New" in top left corner.

Step 4: Type a name for the virtual machine.

Step 5: Select Microsoft Windows for Type and Windows XP for Version. Depending on what CD or download you have it may be either 32 or 64 bit. Select the correct one for your Windows XP CD or download. Click next.

Step 6: Choose memory size. If you are not sure how much to allocate just leave it at default. Click next.

Step 7: For Hard disk select create a virtual hard disk now. Click create.

Step 8: For Hard Disk file type leave it as default. Click next.

Step 9: Choose dynamically allocated. Click next.

Step 10: Select file location and hard disk size. If you are only going to use this for the Mechcommander editor 10GB should be plenty. Click create.

Step 11: Either insert CD or download an ISO with windows XP.

Step 12: On Virtualbox in the Storage section, left click where it says "[Optical Drive] Empty"

Step 13: Click on whichever drive CD is located OR click "choose disk image" and locate the ISO with Windows XP. Click Open.

Step 14: Click Start at the top left of the Virtualbox main screen. If you get the error: "No Bootable Medium found" the windows xp version you have will not work and you may have to find or buy and old CD.

Step 15: Follow Virtualbox and Windows instructions on how to install XP. This will take several minutes.

Step 16: When you have finished installing and Windows boots up, download the Mechcommander ISO using Internet Explorer in the virtual machine. It is located here:

You will probably have to manually type this link into Internet Explorer as Clipboard does not go between Host and Virtual Computer.

Step 17: Install 7-zip to virtual machine:

Step 18: Right click on ISO and click 7-zip. Click Open Archive.

Step 19: Create a new folder on virtual machine desktop and drag all files from ISO into that folder.

Step 20: Open the new folder and double click Autorun.

Step 21: Follow the directions in Autorun to install mechcommander. Restart computer if it asks to.

Step 22: open the new folder you created in step 19, then open "MCEDSETP" folder.

Step 23: Open Disk1 folder.

Step 24: Open Setup.exe. Install the mission editor. Restart computer if it asks to.

You are now finished! To run the program go to Start>All Programs>Micro Prose>Mechcommander Desperate Measures>Mission editor.
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11:02 - Apr 14#2

Although this software might work for some, it didn't for me. Vmware is much better program just simply download the xp sp3 iso and download vmware to run mission editor.

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