Uller torso twist

Oct 22, 2014#1

I've been playing this game off and on for a couple months, and I'm still unsure about something.

Does the Uller in MechCommander have a weakness in not being able to twist its torso like the Kit Fox did in an even older game called MechWarrior 2?

I don't know that much about BattleTech, but over fifteen years ago when I got a then brand new PowerMac 6500/300, it came with a game called "MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat" bundled with it. That and this game are pretty much all I know of BattleTech.

In that game, two of the 10-12 'mechs (not sure if you count the Tarentula and BattleMaster) you can control had a weakness in that you couldn't twist your torso much to shoot to the sides. One of those was the Kit Fox.

In MechCommander, I haven't noticed the Uller 'mechs shooting sideways, so is this weakness incorporated into the game, and does it have a significant impact? The AI is so dumb that I have to micromanage the mechwarriors, but I haven't figured out if there is an advantage to the Firestarter over the Uller or not. It seems the Uller can either carry the advanced sensors or a few extra weapons over the Firestarter, but does it have a tradeoff like the way the Hunchback IIC has less armor than the inner sphere Hunchback?

Oct 24, 2014#2

Nope, the uller can twist sideways in MCG.