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getting online
Topic Started: March 5 2018, 08:11 PM (255 Views)
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hi just some help on how to get to play online when I go on game ranger it doesn't seem to find my MCG game
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Hey Scooter, from SD Clan?

Anyway on gameranger go to edit>options

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Make sure its pointing to mechcommander gold like so.

Also if your on windows 7 or above make sure you copied the files to a mechcommander folder in both program files like so

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if both of those are workin it should recognise the game on your system and you will be able to host or see our rooms.

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P.S:- if you click in the drop down list on gameranger and click "My games" it will show only the games you have installed and who is hosting them.

Hope this helps B)

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Keeping the dream alive!

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