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How to insult Hotshot
Topic Started: September 18 2016, 08:52 PM (242 Views)
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Private message from ERRATIC_CHEESE: tell hotshot avalon beat him repeatedly
Private message from ERRATIC_CHEESE: this is ultimate insult to him
Private message from ERRATIC_CHEESE: he will have huge meltdown, watch


Wildcat: u had losing streak to avalon 20 games in a row about 2 yrs ago pal

HotShotDriver: ? thats a fuckin lie
HotShotDriver: never happened
HotShotDriver: NEVER
HotShotDriver: not anything like such
HotShotDriver: who the fukc lies such lies?
HotShotDriver: fuckin fact is...that he lost me about 2000games back in gamespy and Mplayr
HotShotDriver: 2000!
HotShotDriver: in 3v3...

Wildcat: man, avalon trained me back in the 2001
Wildcat: i watched him beat u on several occasions
Wildcat: avalon was always better than you pal

HotShotDriver: thats big offence
HotShotDriver: you dumb. if you dont realize, that im much better palyr than he ever was

Wildcat: hes good with both As and Js.. ur only good with As.

HotShotDriver: He might be better than you....but not nearly as good as I am
HotShotDriver: plus you aint the right person...to valuate anyones skills
HotShotDriver: int this game

Wildcat: avalon retired from MCG because he knew he was better than you, and all players know this.. its simply a fact not an opinion.

HotShotDriver: no he lost all games to me..so he quitted

Wildcat: no he was better and he just didnt care anymore.

HotShotDriver: NO. All games that he ever won.. over me...was some SR bullshit
HotShotDriver: over 2000 games....I dont remember...not once...that he wouls outsmart me

Wildcat: doubtful

<< HotShotDriver left GameRanger >>

Edited by ERRATIC_CHEESE, September 18 2016, 08:55 PM.
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