Some glitches in Omnitech 304


Jul 18, 2013#1

Here are the problems:
1) In the options menu, 1920 x 1080 isn't available
2) The game only runs in 16-bit color
3) When rotating the camera, the mouse tends to hang for no apparent reason

Aside from that, keep up the good work. Hopefully you can get those problems fixed.

Also, a simple request:
Could you include the Carver V campaign with your next release? Which version doesn't really matter, but you can be creative if you want.

Oct 03, 2013#2

I am getting an usual error where in the Mech Lab if I select a mech and choose Next to get to the Pilot screen, the mech I selected does not show up, thus the add pilot button will not go active.

Wish Granted - The Carver 5 campaign is available for OM -

Thanks OM team!
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