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Smoke Jaguar vs Inner Sqhere Shooting


1:17 - Jul 23, 2015 #1

Hi All,

I have been playing Mechcommander One n Gold and Mechcommander 2 since they have been out. il do the regular run into it while cleaning the house and again and finish all the campains and try and get all the best Mechs and try different Pilots to Elite status by the end of the game.

My question today is...

Lets say the Mad cat on Op1 Mission 3. you end up salvaging it and claiming it as your own but while your fighting it you notice that it shoots 1 ER PPC out of right arm and another out of the left. is there a fix or does anyone know why that once you salvage the Mad Cat it automatically stops shooting from both and start shooting both ER PPC's out of lets say the left arm. its something that i have learnt to live with in the first mechcommander but in Mechcommander 2 they had fixed this issue and it was awesome. i found it made a massive difference to the game in No.2

Does anyone know a fix or we just have to live with it ?