Official MechCommander Technical Support FAQ

Dec 28, 2011#1

I inserted the MechCommander into the CD-ROM
drive, but nothing happened.

The Windows 95 AutoPlay feature may be
disabled on your system. Please refer to your
Windows 95 manual for help activating the
AutoPlay feature. Sometimes, AutoPlay will
work the first time you insert the CD, but
refuses to bring up the menu afterwards.

To enable AutoPlay on your system do the

Right click on the My Computer icon.
Click on Properties.
Click on Device Manager.
Double Click on your CD-ROM driver.
Click on the Settings tab.
Click on the box next to Auto Insert
Notification so that a check

AutoPlay should now be enabled.

You can also manually bring up this AutoPlay
menu by double-clicking on My Computer, then
the CD-ROM icon, then Autoplay.exe.

Why doesn't MechCommander recognize the CD in
the drive?

The CD ROM may be damaged or dirty and need to
be cleaned. Look for scratches and marks on
the bottom side.

Your CD ROM drive may require cleaning, even
if it reads other CDs correctly.

If your CD ROM drive letter is mapped to Z,
re-map it to any other letter.

Why does the MechCommander Setup identify my
computer improperly?/ Why does it identify my
Cyrix as a 486?

If you have a 200 MHz and Setup reports it as
a 150 MHz, that's ‘cause it is. Talk to the

If you have an older Cyrix chip and Setup
reports it as a 486, don't expect mind blowing
speed while running MechCommander.

If you have a MediaGX processor and Setup
reports your speed or RAM incorrectly, that's
because the CPU handles the sound and video
and takes over part of your system RAM for
VRAM. We recommend that you have at least
32MB+ RAM for even single player with this

I selected MechCommander from the Start menu
and the game just quit or I saw an error

First, be sure that you have rebooted your
computer after installing DirectX.

Carefully read any messages that you encounter
during the installation of DirectX 5.2. Many
video and sound cards have drivers that are
DirectX compliant, but there are many others
that don't. If DirectX encounters a driver
that it does not recognize, or if it has a
newer version of a driver already present on
your machine, it will ask you if you want to
replace that driver. It is extremely important
that you follow the recommendation on your
screen. Also, write down the instructions
given (if any) for uninstalling DirectX should
you have any problems with it.

Double check to make sure that your sound and
video card drivers are DirectX 5.2 compatible.
To do this, open the Start/Settings/Control
Panel/Add/Remove Programs. Select DirectX 5.2
and write down all the DirectX components
along with their version numbers and whether
or not they are certified. Then look at the
Direct X version number. If a driver is
DirectX 5.2 compatible it will say "4.05" or
greater. If the number is less than 4.05, then
the driver is certified by a version prior to
DirectX 5.2 and needs updating.

If you need more information about DirectX,
please check Microsoft's DirectX Frequently
Asked Questions Documents.

I've re-installed MechCommander, but the game
still won't come up.

Be sure that you have rebooted your system
after installing. If this doesn't work, bring
up the Windows 95 task manager by pressing
control-alt-delete ONCE. Exit all applications
except for Explorer and Systray. Other
programs such as virus scanners, video card
control panels, etc. can interfere with the
operation of the game. Once all unneeded
applications are closed, try running the game

How do I check the Version of MechCommander
that I have Installed?

When at the Main Menu screen of MechCommander
hit ALT+ENTER. This will switch MechCommander
to a window mode.
In the Title Bar of the window will be the
following depending on which Version you have
currently installed:

"RC2 P5" - English CD Installation
"RC2 P18" - English Patch 1.8 Update

"RC2 P15g" - German CD Installation
"RC2 P18g" - German Patch 1.8 Update

Hit ALT+ENTER to return to full screen mode.

Why does MechCommander crash every time I
click anywhere on the autorun menu that comes
up when I launch MechCommander?

Most likely you are running MechCommander with
the update for another language. Download the
upgrade 1.8 for your language version of
MechCommander (i.e. German 1.8 for German
version) and install it. You may also
re-install the game from the original CD or
copy over the MechCmdr.exe from the CD into
the MechCmdr directory on your hard drive.

Video and Sound Problems:

When I try and launch the game, I receive a
"Unable to complete Execution" message. What
does that mean?

Your computer is trying to launch the game in
DirectDraw (fullscreen) mode but is unable to
for one of the following:

Make sure your computer or graphics card has
at least 2 MB VRAM.

Try setting your resolution to 640x480 8bit

If that doesn't work, try reinstalling the
game while your screen resolution is set to
the numbers above. This is a known DirectX
problem that you can check out at Microsoft's

If all that does not work you can play the
game in a "windowed" mode by doing the

in C:\Program Files\FasaInteractive\MechCmdr

open prefs.cfg with wordpad

change the following line




Relaunch MechCommander and it should allow you
to play in a window.

Check Microsoft's DirectX trouble shooting

My video or sound is completely screwed up,
or, when I start the game, the screen simply
turns black with or without a large mouse
cursor, what's wrong?

This game uses DirectX, which is responsible
for all sound and video in the game. If you
encounter problems with either your sound or
video, it probably means that your hardware is
not 100% compatible with DirectX.

If you have already reinstalled the game and
followed all of the recommendations when
DirectX asks to replace drivers and still
cannot get your video or sound to work
properly, please check Microsoft's DirectX
trouble shooting page.

When I try to launch MechCommander, I get the
message "Unable to initialize sound" or
something similar, what's wrong?

MechCommander requires a DirectX compatible
sound card. Make sure that you have a sound
card installed and that it is compatible with
other DirectX games.

There may be another application or utility
running that is using the sound system. Bring
up the Windows 95 task manager by pressing
control-alt-delete ONCE. Exit all applications
except for Explorer and Systray. Other
programs such as virus scanners, video card
control panels, etc. can interfere with the
operation of the game. Once all unneeded
applications are closed, try running the game

Why is MechCommander so bright/dark on my

With all the possible combinations of video
cards and monitors in the world, everyone will
have different results at first.

You can adjust brightness in the Preferences

While in the game you can cycle through four
levels of brightness by hitting [Ctrl+Z]

Try adjusting the brightness and contrast
manually on your monitor.

If you have a Voodoo Rush Chipset and
MechCommander seems washed out, set your color
depth to 256 (8 bit) colors.

Try setting your display settings to 640x480
256 colors.

Why can't I zoom in on the battlefield?

You must have at least 20 MB RAM to zoom in
during the single player game.

In multiplayer, the zoom in feature is
disabled to improve performance for all

I have a Montego sound card by Turtle Beach
and while playing a mission, the pilot video
and sound will lock up and remain stuck on one
frame of whatever pilot was attempting to
speak at the time. Subsequently, the game will
freeze completely when the mission ends,
locking up when Next Mission is pressed. Why
does this happen?

The Montego sound card has a known conflict
with DirectSound. In the Windows Control
Panel, the card has its own icon. If you open
it and click on the A3D tab, there is an
option to disable DirectSound Acceleration.
Disabling this should solve the problem.


The "Multiplayer" button on the start up
screen is grayed out and I cannot select it,
why is this?

The multiplayer option requires at least 32MB
RAM to be active.

Can I play MechCommander on the Internet?

Yes. At release time you can play on Mplayer
and The Internet Gaming Zone. As other
services are offered we'll post them here on
our Web site.

How many players does MechCommander support?

Up to 6 on LAN (IPX, TCP/IP) and Internet
(Mplayer, The Zone, and others) and two for
modem to modem and serial connection.

Why can't I return to fullscreen after playing
in a window [Alt+Enter]?/Why can't I switch
between MechCommander and other applications

You can only switch video modes in single
player and at the Main Menu screen.

We STRONGLY recommend that you do not run
other applications concurrent with

MechCommander runs much smoother in single
player than in multiplayer. Why is that?

The system resources needed for a multiplayer
game are far greater than what's needed for a
single player game. The more RAM, VRAM, the
faster your CPU or modem, the smoother the
game will run. Because of Internet latencies,
multiplayer will never be as smooth as single

Be sure that you are playing off of the
recommended install files (required, sound, op
video files). Accessing the CD-ROM drive to
load textures, sound and video clips will
cause the game to pause or freeze temporarily.

If you are having trouble connecting to an
on-line gaming service we suggest the you
contact the service and make sure that their
connections are up and running.

Why can't I see any games to join/why can't I
pick IPX/TCP games?

You must have the protocol you are trying to
play on (IPX or TCP/IP) installed. If you have
both protocols installed, MechCommander will
prompt you with a dialog box asking you to

Make sure your connection to the Internet or
LAN is functioning properly.

If you cannot get your machine to function on
the network, contact your network
administrator for help.

I've joined a game, and I can't adjust some of
the options like team, map or RP amount.

Only the host of the game can change these

I'm trying to play on the Internet, but the
game gets so slow that gameplay is next to
impossible. What can I do?

Internet latency, or lag, is probably at play
here as well as the people you are playing
against. Be sure to play with others that have
similar modem speeds and system specs.

Check your latency both to your ISP and to the
service you are playing on. There are many
utilities available on the Web that allow you
to "ping" or "trace"(check latency and route)
your ISP or service.

Be sure that you are playing off of the
recommended install files (required, sound, op
video files). Accessing the CD-ROM drive to
load textures, sound and video clips will
cause the game to pause or freeze temporarily.

The game will only be as fast as the slowest
connection. Try playing with players that have
similar modem connections (e.g. 33.6 modem to
33.6 modem)

If you have a noisy or slow connection to the
Internet, this will cause slow down in the
game. You can check this by picking up the
phone and listening to the line.

If one of the players consistently gets
dropped or is the last one to connect, be it
your friend or not, kick them out. One slow
machine or connection can cause everyone to

Make sure the fastest machine with the fastest
connection to the Internet is the one hosting
the game. Whomever host the game becomes the

Why does MechCommander freeze up when
beginning or ending a LAN multiplayer game?

It is possible that your machine is set to
automatically connect to the Internet and the
"Dial-Up-Networking" dialog box is coming up
behind MechCommander. Hit [Alt+Tab] to switch
screens and press [Cancel].

Press [Ctrl+Alt+Delete] only once and then
[Enter] twice to close the dialog box that has
popped up behind MechCommander.

My computer says it cannot detect my modem or
is it the wrong com port?

Check your "Dial-up-Networking" control panel
settings. MechCommander uses DirectPlay which
directly accesses these settings.

If you still are having difficulties, check
Microsoft's DirectPlay FAQ page

What about TCP/IP connectivity over the

At release time, MechCommander requires a
service that supports Microsoft's DirectPlay
support lobby.

My (so-called) friends keep kicking my butt in
Multiplayer, how do I stop being such a loser?

Contact Al Emerson at
[email protected]. He won't be able to
help you, but you can commiserate about your
stunning losses.

Why can't I see the other computer that I am
hooked to with a serial cable?

Make sure you are using a Null Modem cable.
Other cables may have different pin outs and
will not work.

Verify what com port each machine is using and
enter it in the Serial Connection screen.

To find out what com port you are using, first
check that back of your computer for a com
port label.

Troubleshoot by using Windows Direct Cable
Connection Accessory.

I just installed the version 1.8 patch, which
is intended to improve multiplayer
MechCommander. But now the game crashes every
time I attempt to play over an internet gaming
service. It used to work fine, what is the

You need to empty your "Windows Temp" folder.
When the update is installed, it makes a file
in the windows/temp folder called
mechcmdr.exe. After you run setup, the file
remains in the temp folder until you restart
your computer.

Most gaming services scan for games in order
of their appearance, from the primary drive to
all the rest in order. If you have
MechCommander installed on any drive other
than C:, the MechCmdr.exe in C:\Windows\Temp
will be selected first and will see the
matching .exe (which is the correct one, in
the mechcmdr folder) as a duplicate file and
discards that information. Upon a launch it
points to the .exe in the temp file and tries
to run the game from there.

Kali-specific Problems:

How to configure KALI for MechCommander

Be sure IPX or TCP is installed as a protocol.
This can be added under the properties of
"Network Neighborhood" Refer to you windows
help or manual on how to add this protocol.

Open Kali95
From the menu bar select Games.
Under the pull down menu select Edit Launch
Game Info.
Select Add
Select MechCommander and hit OK.
Click browse for Program Directory.
Locate and select the mechcmdr directory that
was installed to your hard drive.
Click OK for selection.
Click OK to close window.
If it states "This is an unknown version of
the game. Do you wish to use this directory
anyway?", Click Yes
There are two Check boxes labeled:
Drop Packets that are out of order
Allow Kali to drop packets to speed up game.
Check both of these boxes.
Click Close.

From the menu bar select Games. Under the pull
down menu select Configure Menu. Select a game
tab that has no info in it. Click on browse
under program space Select the mechcmdr.exe
that is installed on your hard drive. NOT the
one located on the CD Drive. Hit OK.

If you get the "Unable to open scenario file"
Error upon hitting "begin mission"

Check you configuration for the MechCommander
game within Kali.

Make sure that the Location for the
MechCmdr.exe is pointing to the installed
executable on your hard drive and not the one
on your CD Drive. If it is pointing to the CD
Drive as the source for the Mechcmdr.exe file
it will crash to this error

Trouble connecting to game room or constant
disconnection during games.

Try the following settings:

From the menu bar select Games.
Under the pull down menu select Edit Launch
Game Info.
Select the MechCommander Game.

Set the following two checkboxes to Checked.
Drop Packets that are out of order
Allow Kali to drop packets to speed up

Misc. Problems:

The game crashes while playing, with or
without an error message.

Bring up the Windows 95 task manager by
pressing control-alt-delete only once. End
Task for all applications except for Explorer
and Systray. Other programs such as virus
scanners, video card control panels, etc. can
interfere with the operation of the game. Once
all unneeded applications are closed, try
running the game again.

If you haven't already, you should also run
Scandisk to check your hard drive for errors,
and run Disk Defragmenter on your hard drive,
if needed.

If nothing works, your system may not be 100%
DirectX compatible, and you might need to
update your video and sound drivers. There is
also the chance it is a DirectX 5.2 issue.

If you have more questions concerning
Microsoft DirectX 5.2 check out their Web page
for more information.

What can I do to increase the frame rate for

You may need to upgrade you video driver for
your onboard VRAM or 2D card. Check the
manufacturers Webpage for the latest DirectX
certified driver. Check our Manufacturers page
for links to the most common video
manufacturer's pages.

How do I take screenshots of MechCommander?

There are many utilities you can use to
capture screen shots (Paint Shop Pro for one).

If you do not have a screen capture utility,
in the game you can press [Alt+Print Screen]
to copy the active window to the clipboard.
Launch the Win95 Paint program and press
[Ctrl+V] to paste the image into a .bmp file.

Note that because MechCommander runs in 8-bit
(256) color, the palette of the captured image
may be incorrect. Download these color lookup
tables (CLUTs) for Adobe Photoshop and apply
them to the appropriate images to correct

In a multiplayer/campaign game all of the
opposing team's/enemy 'Mechs had been
destroyed but the game/mission didn't end.

Check the mission briefing screen in the MFD.
Many of the maps have conditions or objectives
to win, i.e. capture the opponents base or
destroy all of the power generators. In
multiplayer, hiding a tiny vehicle on the map
to keep the game from ending until it is found
and destroyed is a valid, however annoying

Why can't I scroll to the right and down?

If your desktop resolution is set to 640x480,
Windows will occasionally decide that it wants
those edges (rare). If you are playing a game
when this happens, quickly hit [Alt+Enter] to
play in a window and return your ability to
scroll right and down.

Setting your desktop resolution to 800x600
will prevent this from happening while

Why doesn't MechCommander take advantage of my
3D card?

MechCommander is primarily a 2D sprite-based
game. The 3D terrain engine is very
streamlined, and does not benefit from
hardware acceleration.

If my CPU is less than the required speed, but
I have twice as much RAM, will I be able to

Users have responded saying that they are able
to play on P75's and P90's with lots of RAM
(64MB and up) but it is untested and
unsupported at this time.

Will MechCommander run on NT 4.0?

MechCommander uses DirectX 5.2 At the time of
release NT 4.0 does not support DirectX 5.2

There have been users that have written in
saying they got MechCommander to run on NT,
but it is unsupported and untested by us at
this time. As more information becomes
available, we will post it here.

For information on NT 4.0 support of DirectX 5
as well as newsgroups that will give you more
information about NT 4.0 and DirectX check
Microsoft's web site.

Will MechCommander take advantage of MMX

MechCommander does take advantage of MMX
technology, however, it does not require MMX
technology to play MechCommander.

Does MechCommander require the CD-ROM to play
the game?

Yes, MechCommander requires that you have the
game CD in the CD-ROM drive at all times while

How do I get past mission XXX?

Call the hint line at 900-773-HINT or get
Prima's Hint book.

Other known anomalies

Why does my Cyrix MediaGX/AMD K5 CPU based
computer have problems running MechCommander?

MechCommander was extensively tested with the
MediaGX 200, AMD K5-166 and older Cyrix 686
166 CPUs all with 16 and 32MB RAM. Although we
did everything to address the problems that we
encountered, these processors do not perform
as well as Genuine Pentium's and the newer AMD
and Cyrix processors of the same speed do. You
should easily be able to play MechCommander,
however, you may experience long load times,
random freezes or crashes occasionally on
these CPU's. If you play a lot of games on
your computer, this is probably no surprise to
you. As for the MediaGX chip, although it is a
newer faster chip, the way it processes video
by sharing system RAM it performs on par with
the older CPU's.

Why does MechCommander minimize to a window
when Windows dialog boxes come up?

Windows cannot draw the dialog boxes over the
game. After closing the dialog box, press
[Alt+Enter] to return to full screen. If you
are in any of the multiplayer screens when
this happens, you will have to return to the
Main Menu screen for [Alt+Enter] to work.

Why does MechCommander occasionally freeze up
for no reason?

This is related to the above question. In
machines with low RAM or VRAM there may not be
enough room left to switch video modes when a
dialog box comes up (any pop up message from
Windows or other applications).

Press [Ctrl+Alt+Delete] only once and then
[Enter] twice to close the dialog box that has
popped up behind MechCommander.

An error message popped up while playing
MechCommander, what do I do with it?

If you are an avid game player, or even a
regular Windows 95 user, you most likely
experience occasional (sometimes frequent)
crashes on your computer for no apparent
reason. Quitting out to the desktop, invalid
page faults, and plain old system lockups are
no strangers to you.

To combat this during the development of
MechCommander, our "Windows Guru", Andy
Glaister, wrote an exception handler designed
to grab a snapshot of the system in the event
of any possible error, whether it was
MechCommander's fault or not. This proved to
be an invaluable tool for development and was
well received when it was released in the
demo. (Oops.)

We decided to leave the exception handler in
the game for release after getting so much
positive feedback from the Demo (whew!). Not
only does this allow the user to learn more
about their system, but it also helps us build
better games. If the exception ever pops up a
message while you are playing the game, simply
type the steps leading up to the error in the
message box and e-mail it to us at
[email protected]. We will do our best
to figure it out and mail you back an

I'm still having problems that I can't find
the answers to!!!

Return to the Main Support page for phone,
fax, and e-mail support options. These are
offered at no cost to the user.

How do I Uninstall MechCommander?

To Uninstall the game, select Uninstall
MechCommander from the Start menu (click on
Start, Programs, Microprose, MechCommander).
If you have saved games and want to save them
be sure to move them out of the MechCmdr
directory first. When you select Uninstall
MechCommander all the game files, registry
entries and icons will be removed. Files not
created during install (such as patches, etc.)
will not be removed. To remove such files
simply delete the FASA Interactive directory
from your Program Files directory. Direct X
will not be removed from your system.[/small]
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Feb 06, 2013#2

Excuse me, but I am curious as to what I'm supposed to do if I installed the game via the ISO on the homepage. Could I have some assistance with that?
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Feb 06, 2013#3

You Mount the ISO with Daemon Tools or Virtual Clone Drive.

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Feb 07, 2013#4



EDIT: Yes! I got it working. Now I just need to figure out if I can get it to run in 32-Bit color, or if it has to be 16-Bit.
Thanks again.
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Jun 05, 2014#5

Greetings all,
Got everything installed and working, but gameplay has a constant flashing screen. Is there anything I should look for?
Followed all the setting for running on a win7 64 bit system, the shortcut compatibility changes and checks were done, but still flashing. Running SLI gtx 560Ti cards, normally 3 monitors, but game is only using 1, should I run it in windowed mode?


Jun 06, 2014#6

Hello, see here...

...for solution.
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Aug 07, 2014#7

Is the message I'm receiving after I hit the deploy button to actually play the game. I have a windows 7 with 64 bit operating system and I don't know how to change into 16 or 32 bit. Please Help! :P

ASSERT (00000005 - could not open scenario file )
Address : 0x006F6F2E
Location : No .PDB file found
File : No .PDB file found

0x0072B7F2 Mission::StartScenario() +0xD2 L:\mcx\mission\mission.cpp(1253)
0x006DCD97 BriefingScreen::handleEvent() +0xB27 L:\mcx\logistics\logbri.cpp(1011)
0x006116DC handleEvent() +0x72C G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(3647)
0x006128EA CheckMouse() +0x10A G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(4378)
0x00615846 aCallback::exec() +0x16 G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(6142)
0x0061455C aSystem::run() +0xCC G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(5407)
0x00610EE1 RealWinMain() +0x301 G:\mcx\gui\Asystem.cpp(3081)
0x0075F82A WinMain() +0xCA L:\mcx\rmain.cpp(74)
0x00762CF2 WinMainCRTStartup() +0xCE

Machine Details
Executable name : E:\MCX.EXE
Current time, date : 21:35:41 Wedensday 8/6/2014
Executable time, date : 09:02:58 Monday 7/26/1999
User name :
Machine name :
Processor : AuthenticAMD MMX
Operating system :
Version :
Time since booted : 1h 53m 11s
Physical memory : / bytes (0 Meg)
Available physical memory : ./(,*)),.,( bytes (-208 Meg)
Swapfile size : / bytes (0 Meg)
Swapfile available : / bytes (0 Meg)
Virtual memory : 2,147,352,576 bytes (2047 Meg)
Available virtual memory : 1,973,284,864 bytes (1881 Meg)
Memory load : 33%

PCI bus

ISA bus

DLL Version numbers
amstream.dll - Version 6.6.7600.16385
quartz.dll - Version 6.6.7600.16385
devenum.dll - Version 6.6.7600.16385
dsound.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
dinput.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
Could not find 'd3dhalf.dll'
d3dim.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
ddraw.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
dplayx.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
Could not find 'dplay.dll'
ntdll.dll - Version 6.1.7600.16385
rpcrt4.dll - Version 4.00.1073
Ir50_32.dll - Version R.

Information returned by Game

ScenarioTime: 000.00
ScenarioTurn: 0
MoverUpdateFreq: 000.00
TurretUpdateFreq: 000.00
WorldStateUpdateFreq: 000.00
WeaponFireUpdateFreq: 000.00
MissionAppName : MechCommander Expansion Release Version: -- Logistics
DrawingVFXElement :
VFXType :