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May 10, 2017#1

Here you can post 'Mech builds that work well for 6/8 or other modes which allow mods. You may also write about which maps and situations the builds work well for, if you wish.

I recommend you use the following format:

"Build name (optional)" Mech name and variant (Weapon 1, weapon 2)

For Example:

"Long Range Nova Cat" Nova Cat A (3x C ER Large Laser, 2x C Light Ultra AC, 2x C SRM Pack)

Be sure to include the number of each weapon. For equipment that can only be mounted once per Mech, such as sensors, do not need to have a number.

You can abbreviate the names of weapons further if you wish, such as:

L = Laser
cERLL = Clan ER Large Laser
LPL = Large Pulse Laser
cSSRM = Clan Streak SRM Pack
BAP = Beagle Active Probe
S.Adv = Sensor, advanced
cLUAC = Clan Light Ultra Autocannon

And so on.

If it uses a Beagle probe, Intermediate or Advanced Sensor, and/or ECM, include that in the parentheses as if it were a weapon.

For example:

"Stock Raven" Raven W (2x L, 1x SSRM, 1x LL, ECM, BAP, S.Adv)

Good luck!
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Hunchback > Mad Cat

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May 11, 2017#2

Here's a little secret for you. A good 6/8 mod for your Mad Cat As that saves you money if you sell off the weapons:

2 Lt. Ultra AC + 6 LRM +6 SRM

In really low RP games you can spam 4 of these with Regular pilots like Hitman, Lynx, Hunter, and Outlaw. They do surprisingly well since the weapons are so cheap.

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May 11, 2017#3

Here's another one for a good IS match:

Atlas A with 5 LRM + 1 Tbolt + 2 PPC

As an afterthought I added:

Catapult A with 2 LRM + 1 Tbolt + 1 PLAS


May 18, 2017#4

I'ma share some mods with you guys, these are solid mods I have used over the years and they are free of charge.

4 Thor Armors

2 short streak missiles
1 medium cer laser
6 lrms
1 ppc
1 light ac

in the 4th one put 2 light ac, 6 lrms and 2 cer lasers with 2 strk missiles

4 Madcat Armors
3 cer laser
2 light ac
1 light lbx
2 large er laser

3 Madcat Jump Jets Mod
2 rail guns with 2 light ac 3 lrm
3 ppc 5 lrm

4 Madcat Jump Jets Ninja Mod
5 strk missiles
6 cer lasers
6 lrms
1 large er laser

4 Madcat Armors

2 pulse
2 medium autocannons
4 lrms

4 Madcat Armors

5 strk
6 cer lasers
1 lrm
1 light ac

4 nova armors

2 with 1 rail gun, 2 large er laser and lrms only
2 with 2 large er lasers, lrms and short range pulse lasers

4 hunchback armors

1/2 light ac
1 ppc

4 thor or loki armors

1 large er laser
1 ppc
6 lrms
strks or pulse

4 shadowcat j's

6 lrms
1 large er

or if u feeling pro 2 ppc each
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May 18, 2017#5

Hi guys, my name is Hector Ramirez Ontario Velasquez. My name on gameranger is Barnaby Tits. Nice to meet you.

LEGEND, your Hunchback mod has a typo. They are supposed to have 2 ppcs and 1 light AC.

A good mod for noobs is simply 3 madcat As with 2 ppcs, 4 lrms and 2 light Acs. This does good damage.

4 thors with 1 ppc, 5 medium lasers and 5/6 pulse lasers is also good.

3 masakaris with 1 ppc, 1 er laser, 4 lrms and 2 autocannons, plus some srms, is also good.

It should be pointed out that most of these mods are for 300,000 RP. That's like a standard, baseline RP which most hosts use.
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