MechCommanderGold Registry Key Win7 x64

Oct 25, 2014#1

Hey everyone! Just got back into MCG and managed to install it onto my Win7 x64 OS by copying the ISO contents. Works fine except I am unable to add custom solo missions through the MCXTRACT tool as I don't have the registry key required for it to work.

Does anyone have a fix for this or perhaps the Registry key so that I can start adding solo maps?

Please Respond!

Apr 09, 2015#2

Here is the registry key for the mission editor.
Apparently all the key does is point where the installation directory of Mech Commander is.

I have done some testing with no avail on Win7 x64. I changed the registry key to where I have MCX located, and it still crashes "MCEditor MFC Application has stopped working...". I have also tried using compatibility modes with MCEditor.exe (Win95, and Win98/ME).
My guess is the editor is trying to call upon some old library (function) that has been modified or abandoned in newer versions of Windows.

The only way I got the editor to work is running/installing it in a Win95/98 virtual machine.
MCG.reg (572 Bytes)