MechCommander - Original Manual

Aug 19, 2013#1

I was wondering if the original manual is free to download somewhere.
Looked for it in the web but found only the MechCommander Gold manual and the MechCommander 2 manual.

So I thought why not posting here that I'm looking for it? Maybe someone has the manual as pdf or would be so kind to scan it for the community.
Don't get me wrong: I think putting the manual for free download must be legal if the games are free, so correct me if I'm wrong.

Bye and thanks ahead, happycamper

Jan 05, 2014#2

Hi all,
I'm a newbie of this forum...

I have the same problem: it seems that the only manual available is the Desperate Measure integration... no sign of the original one...

Anyone can help?

Thank you to all...