MCO 240

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Sep 24, 2012#1

Hello, Mech Commander fans. I am magic from Mech Commander Omnitech. I am working on MC2 source code for more then 2 years, trying to improve MC2 and add more MC1 elements, like components inventory, damage transfer...

New release of Mech Commander Omnitech version 240 can be found here:

Link1: ... r-omnitech

- Redesigned mission GUI - MC1 style,
- Damage transfer from mission to logistics,
- Repair buttons added to mechbay and mechlab.
- Every weapon has its own weapon range - new ranges calculation, simple math instead of predefined tables in mc2,
- ECM works as ECM umbrella now, all friendly mechs under ECM range are invisible for sensors, can be purchased and added to the mech in mechlab.
- New simple math calculations for LOS, increased LOS for high ground,
- New Beagle probe, increase sensor range and can detect shutdown mechs, can be purchased and added to the mech.
- max unit textures are now up to 512x512,
- max game detail textures... can go up to 1024x1024,
- new detail textures fixed that ugly looking terrain,
- new building textures, redesign of existing textures.
- redesigned old overlays and over 100 new overlays, cement, grass, terrain...
- additional ammo bins for all weapons,
- player can hire local mercs in mission if allowed by mission designer. Full control of those merc mech and vehicles for the duration of the mission,
- New Paved Road texture,
- High res damage icons are used for logistics and will show damage in logistics.
- Orange is added to damage colors.
- New MCO purchase file editor by Karl,
- New Arrow IV turret - model by Starman, texture by Karl.
- Quick load/save fix.
- New feature Resource points for the mission are now visible in mechbay, player can icrease or decrease the number just like the drop weight.
- Left click and drag disabled in mechbay and mechlab.
- Component salvage like in MC1
- new button design for mission gui.
- new button for repair truck - recharge your repair truck with one click (cost RPs).

ABL Commands:
- teleporttopoint(PartID, position),
- setbrain(PartID, brainFileName),
- togglesensorstrike;
- toggleartillerypiece;
- toggleairstrike;

- setobjectivetype(objectiveID, type)
- checkobjectivetype(objectiveID)

- Summoner - magic.
- Timberwolf - Karl.
- Mad Dog - Karl.

- Objective Action for Mission Editor - Add Component salvage (add a components FIT file containing number of salvage components and component list)

- Error when loading mission with destroyed building as first after start.
- Bugfix for MakenewtechnologyAvailable, Playwav and PlayBik
- Bugfix incorrect entry for additional purchase files.


Dec 21, 2012#2

So I d/l the MCO 240.. tried to install and got the following error:
"ShellExecuteEx failed; code 1061. The service cannot accept control messages at this time."

Any ideas ?

EDIT EDIT ;; Nevermind some "unblock" jiggery-pokery, run in compatability mode for XP SP2, as Admin.... problem solved...
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Green MechwarriorGreen Mechwarrior

Feb 05, 2013#3

It works fine on Win7 (32 and 64) an Win XP. No need for compatibility mode.