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Mar 10, 2017#1

................... ***** INCOMING TRANSMISSION ******..................

Hello everyone!
The one and only... ... revered..... Callsign : Allister here... Dusting off the cob webs and fresh off the drop ship wanting to drop in and say hello ! It has been ages since I dropped in on this forum! Lately I have had random Mechcommander recollections flashing into my minds eye . Such episodes include recalling the pilot sprites IE : " This is Hunter.. I'm on it ! " .. the sound effects of the ER PPCS and rail guns flying across the monitor! The ever entertaining pilot deaths! And flat out all the random insults that were flung in every which way regarding racial ethnicity. Unfortunately I do not recall my old email details I used on this particular forum. I reluctantly had to re-create my log in on the forum and quite honestly did not want to be bothered with recovering my account .

It's good to see that you are all up to your usual shenanigans no matter how time has slipped away from our grasp and we ourselves are aging (as well as the game). However you all still manage to continue the MCG lineage. Impressive.
As I browse the various topics on the forum it certainly brings a smile upon my face to read such familiar names being brought up. More or less such aliases as HOTSHOT ,Cheese , Andy, Foxy, TK, Bronzekodiak .... and yes ....even Avalon .There are certainly others who's names I did not mention here but I did infact cherish my time playing the game with , you are not forgotten. It's also quite humoring that Cheese is still fabricating his stories as well as producing his videos of racist induced humor lol . I love it! . I ponder if you are still running that website in which you promote your cult lol. At any rate I might attempt to reinstall the game soon and give it a go again although I may or may have to practice some . Hopefully it will all come back to me in the form of muscle memory when it comes down to it. I still recall most of the mods I used to take.

Lastly when I attempted to install MCG on my desktop which was running on an OS of Windows Vista I was not able to succeed. Thus ending my MCG presence. However that attempt took place years ago....
I see that there are various topics scattered through out the forum which hint how others encountered such issues and trouble shot their way back into the game, so that is promising in the form of hope for me. When time allows .. I will delve into said topics and I will drop in and say hello. Do you all still meet on Game ranger ? If so what the general meet time ? Time zone etc....
I look forward to chatting with you all .

...........***** END TRANSMISSION *****...........

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Apr 16, 2017#3

Into the unknown I go.