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Dec 16, 2012#1

Old instructions i found from hay day

Fortunately I found this by accident, and it is quite easy. Since MCG is such an old game, registry entries and actually running the installer don't make a difference, all the files needed to run the game are uncompressed.

To Install:
Open an Explorer Window and Browse the Contents of the MCG CD.

Open another Explorer Window and Browse to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Micropose\MCX

You will need to create the new directories.

copy the \Data\ folder from the CD and all files in the root directory to the newly created \Program Files (x86)\Micropose\MCX\ directory.

Right Click on MCX.exe -> Send To -> desktop (Shortcut)
This will create a desktop shortcut for you.

Install the patch to the \Program Files (x86)\Micropose\ directory.
Note: The patch automatically gets installed into the MCX directory do not select it or it wont put the files in the right place.

Hope this helps for those having trouble playing on Vista x64 or others with problems installing.

1) Open up your MCG folder

2) Right click on the "ISDL, CPUID and SETUP.exe" files, go to compadiblity and set all three to Windows 98.

3) After you done this, just install your game as normal.

- If you have the ISO, make sure your game is mounted and run the same procedure.
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Dec 16, 2012#2

Nice little trick i found out couple days ago, its very helpful for multiplayer because when you launch you can sometimes freeze up for ages due to a firewall or router blocking you or not connecting to the host.

Basically your MCG will run in a small window when launched. (works for MC1 i belive also)

if you go to C:\Program Files\MicroProse\MCX and locate your prefs.cfg and open it up with wordpad

you will see


b PaletteCycle = T
b DirectDraw = T
b Use90Pixel = t
b Force45Pixel = f


change the DirectDraw to = F (capital F)

Then all you need to do is hit alt and enter on your keyboard to go back to full screen.
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Dec 16, 2012#3

This tutorial shows how you install the Mechcommander ISO's.

Step 1
Download Daemon Tools - ... ry&catid=5 I recommend DAEMON Tools Lite 3.47 which also this tutorial is based on.

Step 2
Install Daemon Tools, reboot your computer after installation is completed.

Step 3
When your computer has restarted you will notice a new icon has appeared in your system tray as shown below.

Step 4
Right click the new Daemon Tool icon which has appeared in your system tray. Then as shown below go to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM. Then set number of devices, select 1 Drive.

Step 5
Now right click your icon again go back to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM and select
Device 1. Then go to mount image.

Step 6
A screen will pop up prompting you to browse for the ISO. Find your Mechcommander ISO and select it/open it. As shown below.

Step 7
Now go to MyComputer and you will see Mechcommander has appeared in a drive just like a normal CD now proceed to install it as you would with any game. See Below.

Once installation is complete run the game and have fun.
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Dec 16, 2012#4

Mechcommander 1 ... PB.torrent

Patches for MC1

Madcat Addon ... madcat.exe

The munchy but fun update that allows you to start the game with a MadCat. It rocks but whoever you put in that Mad Cat is gonna get his world rocked. This works for MechCommander only. Double click, make sure it pointing at the right directory and let it have at it. ...
Quickstart Utility
This file allows you to save a multiplayer game, send it to others, and then start that game. It speeds up time from entrance to launch AND allows you to play with IS and Clan tech on the same team. Instructions for use and installation are in the zip file.

Mechcommander Gold
Full version

Mechcommander Gold full version. Thanks to ... PB.torrent

Mass Installer

1) Single + Multiplayer Maps
2) Madcat J Patch
3) TGA Maker
4) Quickstart utility
5) Mission Extender

Mixed-Tech Patch
- For Multiplayer use only.

-With this patch, you are able to use both Clan and IS tech during gameplay. Also all the components are avaliable for purchase.

Nocd patch ...


Mechcommander 2 Full version. Thanks to

TORRENT ... PB.torrent

Campaign designed for wolfman-x expansion. Requires clean installation of original MC2 and wolfman-x. Never mix with any other MC2 installation.

Campaign designed for wolfman-MC2X. Integrated into a standalone MC2X edition; does not require original MC2. Never mix with any other MC2 installation.

Campaign designed for wolfman-x expansion pack;
biggest campaign ever created for MC2. Requires clean installation of original MC2 and wolfman-x expansion. ... ellion.exe

Rebirth of the White Company
Campaign designed for wolfman-MC2X and integrated into a standalone MC2X edition; no original MC2 required; do not mix with any other MC2 installation

Campaign for wolfman-x expansion. Requires clean installation of original MC2 and wolfman-x.

wolfman-MC2X Houdini Project Edition
21 mission campaign embedded into MC2X stand alone gaming system.
No original MC2 required.
Do not install into any existing MC2 installation or mix with files from other authors.

MC2 multiplayer maps pack designed for wolfman-x expansion.
Requires clean installation of original MC2 and wolfman-x.
Never mix with any other MC2 installation. Latest wolfman-x revision is best for MC2 multiplayer gaming.

Other mc downloads
This utility creates LAN games for BOTH MC1 and MCG. For MCG to work, follow the sticky post in the MCG Tech Support Forum.

6) Editorial Patch
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Dec 16, 2012#5

Ok, first things first. I did not make the program/launcher that you need to download. But here is the link just copy and paste that into your browser and download the The website for this guy is but it hasn't been touched since 2005!

Next I reverse engineered that launcher which works with MechCommander 1 NOT GOLD. So next you need to copy and paste the following code into a text file and then name that as a .reg file so that you can import it into your registry. (after I post the text, I'll explain what it does, why, and what you need to do too).

The first .reg file, call it MCG_LAN_FIX:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\MechCommander 1.0]
"CurrentDirectory"="C:\\Program Files\\MicroProse\\MCX"
"Path"="C:\\Program Files\\MicroProse\\MCX"
"bakup"="C:\\Program Files\\FasaInteractive\\MechCmdr"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\MechCommander Expansion 1.0]
"CurrentDirectory"="C:\\Program Files\\MicroProse\\MCX"
"Path"="C:\\Program Files\\MicroProse\\MCX"




Notice the paths to my executables in both MechCommander 1.0 and the MechCommander Expansion 1.0. YOU NEED TO CHANGE THESE TO MATCH YOUR PATHS!!!! You do not need the original game (not gold) installed, just update the patch with your MechCommander Gold paths.

Save the file and run it to merge these settings into your registry.

Now set your MCX.exe to WINDOWS 98 / ME compatability mode or the game will randomly freeze up on you.

Run that mcclient.exe. You will it says MechCommander 1.0 and not the expansion in the game area, this is normal, it will load up the MC Gold for you. (the registry change is what makes that possible).

Congratulations!!!! You can now make LAN Games!!!!


I cannot test if this breaks INTERNET play but, I made a room and hit launch on that World Gaming site place, and it launched MCGold so I think it is un effected.

Also when using the MCClient.exe, there is long pause after hitting launch for some people, this is normal, just wait (sometimes 30 seconds?) Also, make sure the server is at the screen where you can see players BEFORE you hit launch for the clients.

So you want to undo what I just told you right? Well here is the undo .reg text. Save it into a file called MCG_Restore


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\MechCommander 1.0]
"CurrentDirectory"="C:\\Program Files\\FasaInteractive\\MechCmdr"
"Path"="C:\\Program Files\\FasaInteractive\\MechCmdr"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications\MechCommander Expansion 1.0]
"CurrentDirectory"="C:\\Program Files\\MicroProse\\MCX"
"Path"="C:\\Program Files\\MicroProse\\MCX"

Again, change the paths to match your installs, in this case, you can leave MechCommander 1.0 as is since you probably don't have this installed. The GUID is what effects that mcclient from working since its hard coded to MC1 and not MCG. So the GUID and the paths are changed in MC1 to point to MCG. Ha! Thats the trick! It took me about 6 hours to figure all of this out and a bunch of luck in the registry and some ingenuity.

Thanks to "Harv" for his utility. I e-mailed him yesterday to see if he can just update the utility but I don't know if he even exists anymore to do that.

I will also post these files to the MCG downloads list in a .zip file.

Oh yeah, LAN GAMES ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was tested with 6 people and it was great at my lan party. Just make sure the server has their Windows firewall off, didn't play with it on, but hey, don't test your luck after all of this....

***I did not crack my copy of MCG, I downloaded the ISO from this sight since I couldn't make one myself (I do own the game, both versions!) but I run the game with ISO so I don't need the CD in to play (just mounted).***

Admins, feel free to clean up my clutter in this post.


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Incase someone wants to program a launcher, the game uses directplay. It seems to be broken in XP and I didn't test any of this in VISTA since I don't have it. I presume everything will still work, the reg paths might be different but anyone who has a brain can figure out the paths, if it will even work that is.

I used a semi-decompiler to view the mcclient.exe but it didn't give me any good info on what to change to get it to work, thats when I stumbled onto a directplay link that spoke of these GUIDs. Some I went into the registry and found the MCG ones and figured I needed MC1 installed to see its paths. After that, I copied all of the MCG info into the MC1 reg keys in the directplay section, except for the guid, and bam, it worked! It took me about 6 hours of hard work, trial and error, and tears and sweat and about 50 failed and frozen game starts to figure it out (darn win98 compatibility settings are NEEDED/REQURED to make it work).

I even ran the game in a win98 VPC to see what would happen! What really scared me was that it worked, but no one ever saw the game! So that prompted me to explore the XP stuff and here we go, a fix.

DirectPlay uses a random set of ports to play directplay games, 2300-2400. It is also a UDP AND TCP connection. There is a utility located here: that allows you to force DirectPlay to a certain port range. If the default of 2300 (i think it is for MCG) is not possible for you.

I ran WireShark to sniff my LAN game packets and saw that most things were running on UDP port 2300.

***Do this if 2300 doesn't work***

This utility forces YOUR COMPUTER (aka do this on the server only) to use a certain set of ports. What this means, I think is that you can have INTERNET games without using a third party service. Just forward your port range (TCP and UDP) in your router that you choose in this DXPORT utility to your computer (and the same for your windows firewall or turn it off) and this should work. I don't have the ability to test this but it should be good to go!
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