How to install adobe flash player? I can't run Gam

May 28, 2014#1

Hello. Maybe someone already told u in private message, I dont know. But ill post what helped me and copy paste a solution posted in another forum:

"In my case I have windows 7 and I had the same problem. How I solved?
I have IE 11 and ESET Smart Security 7 as antivirus. First I uninstalled Adobe Flash Player 13 and then deactrivated the antivirus. Then installed FireFox which made me install Adobe Flash Player and this time the web plug-in was installed.
With all this done I started Gameranger and it worked just fine. Then Unistalled FireFox because i don't use it. I hope you can do the same."

Reposting it here just in case anyone needs this and doesnt find it. Hope its not a bother=)
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