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Feb 28, 2016#1

Greetings Fellow Mechwarriors,

I am an old timer in Mechwarrior / Battletech. Been playing tabletop since it came out as "Battle Droids" in 1984; onine for about 15 yrs or so, starting with MW3 and all the way to current MWO. I was very pleased to find these downloads and this community. I look forward to playing with you -all. :P

Which downloads for MC2 should I get to be able to play PVP with you - all?
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Mar 01, 2016#2

Hi Nekhron, and welcome! Nobody plays MC2 only MCG, over at Gameranger. See you there!

Keeping the dream alive!


Mar 01, 2016#3

I too have just found this site recently... a bit surprised I haven't seen it yet, and this many years after the fact *shrug*. I'll be throwing my profile together fairly soon.

Been a vet MC2 and onwards, and wondering if MCG gameranger MP is my thing. I suppose I'll be finding out.

Glad to see the site is still alive :)
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