Getting MCG to work on Win 7 64bit

Dec 28, 2013#1


I'm a former Mechcommander player from back in the Mplayer days, came across this site from just searching for new mech games. I see there is still nothing similar to mechcommander out on the market. Anyways, tried to get this game installed because I wanted to play a game on gameranger. I was able to install game ranger and MCG, however when I lanuch MCG the colors are distored. I tried putting the game into every compatibility mode and still received the same results. Does anybody have a fix for this, or am I just out of luck trying to get this game playing in win 7 64 bit?

Also, does anybody have in mechcommander news? I seen Mechwarrior Tactics is out, but turn based strategy games aren't really my forte. You would think that Microsoft or whoever has the right to mechcommander and mechwarrior series would at least put out a collectors edition compatible on new machines, or at least do a release on steam.
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