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Apr 17, 2017#1

For those who are not sure on how to use the forum for things like color, bigger text, videos e.t.c here on the forum I'm going to give a rough explanation what works best.

For videos youtube links are automatic now so it should load it at a normal 450 -550 width but if u want to make it bigger thats fine.

For bigger text put your tags [ big ][ big ] [/ big ][ /big ] <--insert text inbetween leave spaces out then you'll be big like me :D

[ bgcolor=#000 ] [/bgcolor ] for color around your text inset text inbetween , close gaps as before.

[ font=Verdana] [/font ] same as above close gaps

hope this helps, try and keep code seperate on one line away from text. The rest of the bb code is pretty straight forward.

Legend B)
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