Downloading Mechcommander ISO

May 16, 2017#1

If you intend on downloading the game iso for mechcommander you need to

1.) Download Virtual Clone Drive or Daemon Tools to be able to mount the image for the game in order to be able to play.

2.) Download the Mechcommander Online ISO (Mechcommander Gold) from the downloads section of this forum.

3.) Once you have copied the the game contents into Program Files (x86) or Program Files://Microprose>MCX> then you should proceed to mount the image of the games contents

4.) If you intend to play over at Gameranger like most do be sure to click the edit tab on Gameranger then "Options" then look for the Mechcommander Gold in the list and make sure that the location is pointing to C:\Program Files\Microprose\MCX\MCX.EXE

5.) Your fucking ready to shoot at peoples robots!
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