CMunsta contact info?

Jun 03, 2013#1

Hi all,

I'm searching for the real cmunsta! Ages ago when was still up his email was attached to his user profile (I know because I vaguely remember sending him a life-story email which is thankfully no longer in my inbox). I've searched through his site: but couldn't find anything.

I'm developing a simple UI tool that will extract the various file types for mechcommander gold (FST, PAK etc.), so any remaining beginner modders won't have to know how to use command prompt or have to painfully lookup the indicies into these files. Eventually it would be ideal if this could also re-compress into those formats as well. I need his source code for his PAK extractor and more importantly, his permission to use the source code of the utilities already posted on his site.

This project is not for profit, and will be entirely open source. It's purely for my own curiosity and coding practice (QT, c/c++). I just started pushing to the github project today so you can check that out if you're interested in contributing:

Thats it! Any contact info you could send me would be great. Thanks